QuickTune H5 for Horizon 5 has been released!

I'm proud to announce that QuickTune H5 is now available with full support for Forza Horizon 5!

QuickTune H5 builds on the strong foundation of QuickTune H4 and adds support for new features in Horizon 5:

  • support for new 6-, 7-, 8-, 9- and 10-speed race gearboxes

  • suppport for new RWD & AWD drivetrain swap gearboxes

  • support for new rally, drift and off-road differentials

  • support for new semi slicks, drift and vintage white wall tire compounds

  • various adjustments to changed Horizon 5 tuning mechanics, mainly in differential, transmission and aero tuning

It also comes with an updated vehicle database of the 500+ cars in Horizon 5 as well as an updated track database for all road, dirt and cross country rival tracks.

QuickTune H5 also is free of charge to download and allows you try out the full tuning for the 3 starter cars:

  • 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupé

  • 2021 Ford Bronco

  • 2020 Toyota GR Supra

Upgrade to the Full Version to unlock tuning for all cars in Horizon 5.


QuickTune 7 v45.0 has been released!

This update brings Improved tuning for mid and rear engine cars. As it turned out mid and rear engine cars require reverse front and rear setup of ARBs and springs as compared to front engine cars. Rear engine cars additionally require reverse setup of tire pressures and dampers. Also over- und understeer adjustments work reverse for mid and rear engine cars.

It also brings improved  tuning for race cars on all tracks. It seems race cars generally don't favor drastic differential changes which make them more unstable as compared to Standard differential settings. Therefore this update disables differential tuning for race cars. Even if you choose differential modes like High or Medium QuickTune will now always use Standard differential settings for race cars.

Furthermore aero tuning has been improved for cars with very high rear aero (max. downforce >= 1000lb) for following tracks:
Indianapolis GP
Indianapolis GP Classic
Road America Full
Road Atlanta Full
Spa Full
VIR Full
VIR Grand East


Updated cars:
1971 Chevrolet Vega GT: corrected body type
1980 FIAT 124 Sport Spider: corrected body type, corrected ride height
1975 FIAT X1/9: corrected body type
1973 Ford Capri RS3100: corrected body type
1970 Porsche 914/6: corrected body type


QuickTune H4 v40.1 has been released!

This update brings new cars from the 80s and future 80s to QuickTune H4!


New cars:

1987 Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Coupe

2058 Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech


QuickTune 7 v43.0 has been released!

This update brings Improved transmission tuning for the several tracks:

Bathurst Full

Bernese Alps Festival

Brands Hatch GP

Catalunya GP


Daytona Sports Car

Dubai Full

Dubai City Alt

Hockenheim Full

Homestead-Miami Mini

Homestead-Miami Speedway Alt

Indianapolis GP Classic

Le Mans Full

Le Mans Bugatti

Lime Rock Full

Long Beach Full

Maple Valley Full

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Full

Monza Full

Mugello Full

Nurburgring Full

Prague Full

Rio Full

Rio Mini

Road America Full

Road America Alt

Road Atlanta Full

Sebring Full

Silverstone GP

Sonoma Full

Spa Full

Suzuka Full

Test Track Airfield Full

TopGear Full

VIR Full

VIR Patriot Alt

Watkins Glen Full

Watkins Glen Full Alt

Yas Marina Full

Also this update brings improved transmission tuning for open wheel race cars in some instances.


QuickTune 7 v42.0 and QuickTune H4 v40.0 have been released!

These updates bring Improved race transmission tuning for cars with Standard Forza race gearbox in some instances. 


QuickTune H4 v40.0 has been released!

This update brings Improved race transmission tuning for cars with Standard Forza race gearbox in some instances. 


QuickTune H4 v39.0 has been released!

This update brings fog tuning to QuickTune H4. There are now new fog conditions tuning options available that improve car handling when racing in foggy conditions: 

  • Fog: for foggy conditions during day

  • Night and Fog: for foggy conditions during night


Also Medium and High differential settings are now supported for prototype race cars.


New cars:
1995 BMW 850CSI


QuickTune 7 v41.0 has been released!


This version brings a revamped differential tuning as well as support for Full Grip and Full Speed tuning.

Firstly there are now two new differential tuning settings available: Low and Medium-Low, also Medium has been renamed to Medium-High but works otherwise identical to the old Medium setting.


Low and Medium-Low differential settings are more suitable for grip oriented tracks like Catalunya School or COTA West than the Standard differential setting. All tracks that had Standard differential settings have been updated to either Low or Medium-Low differential settings. Furthermore two new track presets Medium Grip and Medium Speed have been added that allow for more diverse grip and speed tuning.

Also transmission tuning has been improved when using the High or Medium-High (old Medium) differential settings.

Furthermore differential tuning for Prototype Race Cars have been enabled, so you have the full range of differential settings also available for these kind of cars.

Last but not least support for Full Grip and Full Speed tuning have been added that brings improved tuning for Full Grip and Full Speed builds.

Full Grip builds are considered builds with a maximum tire width  front and rear and a sport or race chassis reinforcement upgrade. Full Speed builds are considered builds with a power that exceeds the cars stock power by at least 100hp (75 kW) and with stock tire width  front and rear and a sport or race chassis reinforcement upgrade. 

Full Grip builds require extreme soft and oversteer tuning, Full Speed builds require extreme understeer and stiff tuning. If QuickTune detects a Full Grip or Full Speed tune it will now show a switch in Tuning Options where Full Grip and Full Speed tuning can be switched on or off. By default it is activated and should only be disabled if you experience problems with the tune which will occur when QuickTune wrongly detects a Full Grip or Full Speed build mainly due to wrong tire data for the car.