Forza 7 Build Guide


When I started tuning in Forza all my effort went into understanding tuning of cars which ultimately resulted in my QuickTune tuning app. I never spent too much time thinking about building cars and more than often downloaded other top tunes and just rebuilt them.

It was until I started to took part in various hot lap competitions that forced me to also consider the building aspect because when you want to get real competitive cars, understanding how to build cars is even more important than tuning because a good build with a mediocre tune will be faster than a mediocre build with a good tune.

While there are many tuning guides available on the net I'm actually surprised that there are no real in-depth build guides available at least none that I know of. Part of the problem might be that you need a very systematic way of tuning in order to reliably isolate build issues from tune issues.


This is where QuickTune comes into play as it is the very definition of a systematic tuning approach since it's pure calculation based so manual errors in the tuning process can be completely excluded. It allowed to me to quickly assess different builds in terms of performance and handling and helped me to understand how build issues are created.

As you probably know tuning is a highly controversial topic almost to the point of being subjective but car building is not. No matter how you tune you will almost always benefit from understanding how to build cars.


Finally a big disclaimer: while I hope this build guide will help you better to understand how to build competitive cars, I'm nowhere near in completely understanding the whole building process so this build guide is very much a work in progress.


Understanding car types and upgrades.

Building cars that work good on most tracks.

Building cars that work better on grip or speed oriented tracks.

Building cars that work best on specific tracks.

Complete list of cars with car and body types.

Complete list of tracks with track types and track sizes.