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Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon Tuning Calculator

QuickTune 7

QuickTune 7

Professional Tuning Calculator
for Forza Motorsport 7

QuickTune H4

QuickTune H5

Professional Tuning Calculator
for Forza Horizon 5

Why QuickTune

Gets you fast in the game by calculating balanced and competitive tunes in minutes that can be instantly used with no additional tweaking required.

Pro-level tunes make you competitive in multiplayer races. And with track specific tunes winning rival races and setting top leaderboard times has never been easier!

QuickTune is constantly benchmarked against top tunes and updated to make sure you get the best possible tune setups. 

What Customers Say

"One of the best, if not THE BEST Forza tuning assistant on the PlayStore. In comparison to ForzaTune 6 (Which I paid for.) this app seems to reliably put out better tunes honestly. The simple UI for me personally is a plus but FT6 has a clean UI. I like this app a little more because you can choose which upgrades you have which is lacking in other apps."

★★★★★ Cody Dodge (Google Play Review)

Fantastic Calculator! I usually tune my own cars since Forza 3, but this is definitely worth the $2.60 you pay for it. My Cayman GT4 with few upgrades is outstanding thanks to this Calc. Fantastic Job, 5 Stars and I will recommend.

★★★★★ Austin K (Google Play Review)

This has got to be the best App available on the Market for Forza Tuning!!! My name is Manny and my gamertag is PTG Greeksniper. I am regarded as one of the best drivers to ever play the Forza franchise. I have many #1 times in the world using this App to tune cars and 100's of top 10 times on a variety of tracks. When using this app for tuning I do not need to make any tuning adjustments whatsoever to the tune to achieve #1 in the world times. Whatever numbers this tuning app provides are the exact numbers i leave them at to get all these #1 times.

★★★★★ Manny Kallianis (PTG Greeksniper) (Google Play Review)