I've been always a racing game addict and started playing Forza with the very first Forza version back in 2005. I only used to download other peoples tunes as in the first years I was only interested in playing Online Multiplayer lobby races and didn't want to deal with tuning at all.

It was until Forza 5 that I first started tuning on my own and started to gather all available tuning guides and analyzing available open source tunes from other tuners. I was very proud of my first tuned car that was reasonably competitive in lobby racing - I can still remember the car: it was a 2008 Aston Martin DBS - I simply love that car.

In Forza 6 when I started tuning almost every car I drove, I always eventually came to a point where I felt the tuning cannot be improved anymore. Also all cars I've tuned to that point had nearly the same feel on track. That was the point where I asked myself if they are any similarities or patterns in those tunes that can be extracted and reused to speed-up the tuning process for further cars as it was quite time consuming for me to perfecting a tune.

Ultimately this led to my first tuning app QuickTune 6 for Forza 6 in 2016, a fully automated tuning calculator that calculates ready-made balanced tunes that don't require any tweaking which was further refined into the highly acclaimed QuickTune 7 for Forza 7.

In the past I've never paid too much attention on the Horizon spin-off until Forza Horizon 4 where I finally enjoyed the somewhat more loose and forgiving driving model. Of course I was eager to find out the similarities and differences when it comes to tuning as compared to the Forza 7. Finally QuickTune H4 for Forza Horizon 4 launched in 2018 which builds on the foundation of QuickTune 7 for Forza Motorsport with support for many of the unique Forza Horizon 4 features most importantly off-road racing.

With Forza Horizon 5 now being available I was of course curious on how tuning on Forza Horizon has changed and evolved. I am proud that QuickTune H5 is now available that builds on the strong foundation of QuickTune H4 while supporting all the new features that have been introduced with Forza Horizon 5.


This tuning guide is largely based on my Horizon 4 Tuning Guide with some general updates regarding open wheel cars and transmission tuning as well as several updates to address the changes that have been made to the tuning mechanics in Horizon 5. These changes are marked with  New in Horizon  5  or  Changed in Horizon 5 , so you can easily spot what has been changed as compared to Horizon 4.

Now let's follow me down in the rabbits hole...


Understanding car types, body types and chassis types.

Setting up cars to work best for road racing.

Setting up cars to work best for dirt and cross country racing.

Setting up cars to work best on grip or speed oriented tracks.

Setting up cars to work best in specific seasons and weather conditions.

Understanding and fixing build related balance and stiffness issues.

Complete list of cars with car and body types.

Complete list of tracks with track profiles.

Setting up cars to work good on all track surfaces.

Forza Horizon 5 Tuning Guide